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The Government of The Bahamas led by the FNM has been desperately trying to fob off the Grand Lucayan white elephant of 1500 rooms on the sandy shores of Freeport to a willing buyer who will open the hotel, hire the people and get along with the Government.  Nothing happening since they have been in office. Peter Turnquest, the Deputy Prime Minister, in whose constituency it, is has been leading the effort.   He took a high profile visitor who had his eyes set on the Bahamar development in Nassau, having lived under the illusion that the FNM Prime Minister could follow his promise to sell the resort.  When they got into power and all the rally talk dissipated they found out, they could do no such thing.  The thing is already sold and open and people are working there. Back to our story.  Talk is the high profile visitor shows up with the Minister and officials to be shown the hotel because the talk is the Government has decided to buy it assuming the Chinese accept their offer and then let a developer take it off their hands.  The high profile visitor was not impressed and asked in front of shocked officials: “Is this what you think of me to bring me here to look at this dump?” Where upon the words: “f… you” were heard and the high profile high net worth angry investor left with the DPM holding his pants up.