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viagra usa help times;”>image018Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell with Quincy Pratt at the studios of Guardian Talk Radio today 20 August. Mr. Mitchell appealed for calm and rationality over Bahamar. He thinks everything will be fine.  But the more enlightening part of the discussion was the bit about the question of balancing act that the government has to make in allocating resources to the various demands in the country.  Here is what he had to say in his own words and as reported in the Nassau Guardian by Sloan Smith on 21 August:

viagra usa purchase times;”>“ There is a resources problem.  We have finite resources in the country.  So in order to carry out immigration exercises, in order to remove unlawful settlements, it requires money and resources.

“  Do you fight crime?  Do you fight unemployment; do you get the hospitals? 

“ An the only reason I raise it in that context is because when you speak to individual citizens, you get the impression that there is a feeling of there being an infinite pool of money and resources when in fact the whole business of government is balancing one thing over the next./

“ In other words, I’m saying this country is not broke, but it is not Saudi Arabia wither.

“ With the management talent and with resources that we have, we have enough space to carry out the functions of government.  And it’s a question of how we manage these resources.

“ I think we need to let go to some extent and allow some of the younger people to run some of these systems, because they tend to be less parochial and less influenced by parochial concerns because they are newer to the system.”