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The Bahamas Christian Council supports the rights of each Bahamian to determine their own sexual preference—Bahamas Christian Council Statement 1 June 2021.  The press made a big deal about the statement issued by the Bahamas Christian Council. The statement denounced as interference in the internal affairs of The Bahamas by flying the rainbow flag for LGBTQ matters in The Bahamas—the US Embassy that is.  The Council said that they could not condone the United States pushing these ideas on  The Bahamas and its society and asked the U S to butt out. Trouble is that the real big deal was not that part of the statement but the concession which the Council did not seem to recognize that they made in the part of the statement that we quoted.  Here you have for the first time the Christian Council agreeing for the first time that gay people have a right to their identity.  The words are a bit strange, still talking about a preference but the point is they now concede that gay people have a right to exist and to exist in an atmosphere free from violence and discrimination. So the Americans have at least accomplished that part of the mission which their political officer said was simply to start the conversation.  We think this is a good thing for our country.