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Many would have noticed an extensive list of nonprofit organizations
which the Registrar General’s Office has given fourteen (14) days
from the date of the publication of the list to become compliant with
the law pertaining to non-profits that came into effect on August 6th
2014. The vast majority of the non-profit organizations listed were
churches operating with The Bahamas jurisdiction since the publication of this list and the calls of concern from various
church leaders, I have met with Attorney General, Sen. Hon. Carl
Bethel, who has agreed to meet with church leaders. He has stated
that he is willing to answer any questions that they may have
concerning the matter at that time.

The law of the land must be followed and I agree that such
organizations must be in compliance with the laws that govern their
operation. What gave me pause is the manner in which the call for
compliance was carried out. A non-profit organization by and large
depends on the charity of others in order to meet its mandate. This
in mind and the fact that these are mostly houses of worship, it
would have been prudent for this to be handled in another way. One
in which the perception would not have been cast that the churches of
the country are intentionally breaking the law.
Until a date for the meeting with the Attorney General is announced.
I ask that the date of the compliance be extended. I urge all church
organizations which fall under the category being discussed to attend meetings that will be called by the council to receive legal guidance in
the matter.