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So every day now, there are screaming headlines in the press about the spike in the numbers of covid cases. This is the third wave.  The doctors are so worried about it that they issued a statement calling on the government to change the protocols with regard to it. In a sentence though, Dr. Minnis ain’t checking.  Problem is that he  knows that as a result of his bad decisions, the country is dead broke.  So he has no choice but to open the economy.  All the tourists come from the U S where covid is out of control so what do you expect to happen here when you open up the country. Of course, we say now like the Governor of Florida, all this covid stuff needs to be scrapped. It clearly does not work.  We need to just get back to business. Think about this: last year this time we probably had one tenth the cases and we closed for business. This year there are almost tenth thousand cases if not 10k but we are opening up the country.  That tells you, it should not have been closed in the first place.