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The following statement was issued by the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party on the report of a statement made by Sean McWeeney Q C about infighting in the PLP over nominations. The statement was issued to The Tribune and published on 24 November 2020

The processes unfolding for the choice of candidates for the PLP is in accordance with its new constitution and rules promulgated by the Candidates Committee. What is happening is open and transparent. A thousand voices contending. In the end democracy prevails.

This process is not to the downfall of the PLP. No more damaging than Kamala Harris now the Vice President elect of the United States who ran in the primaries against the man who is now President Elect.

The process of the competition for power in a democratic society and a democratic party like ours will sometimes be noisy but the party is sound and is advancing under Philip Brave Davis’ capable leadership  to win the next election  whenever it is called. 

As for aspirants for candidacy, it’s a good crop from a wide cross section of demographics and abilities. The country will be very pleased at the blend which will emerge of youth and experience.

This time around is different in the sense that while there was consultation before, this time each branch is required  to make a formal input and recommendation into the process subject to due diligence by the Candidates Committee It’s new and unfamiliar to many but I believe it is certainly healthy for democracy. 

As for breaking the mould, the PLP has an unmatched record of quality candidates in its history and I expect that this time will be no different 

Senator Fred Mitchell 
Progressive Liberal Party 
24 November 2020