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Maria Daxon and Lincoln Bain

Maria Daxon, God bless her but where the heck did she get her law license, and the devil himself her partner in politics and other things Lincoln Bain, was out in full force with disinformation and disruption attempts.  Ms. Daxon claimed in a widely circulated video that the centerpiece of the FTX meltdown Sam Bankman Fried was in danger of being killed because of his connection to politicians in The Bahamas. She claimed that the U S should come and get their citizen, Mr. Bankman Fried, out of The Bahamas because his life was in danger.  Then Mr. Bain claimed that the Prime Minister lied about the number of companies FTX licensed in The Bahamas. Both assertions by these miscreants are false. These two have no bounds of propriety, stupidity, and dishonesty.  They need to be locked up in a pen somewhere with tape over their mouths.