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Shadow Attorney General Senator Fred Mitchell

The Progressive Liberal Party’s Shadow Attorney General issued the following statement after the news that despite the promise of the Government to resist the trifling application of Fred Smith QC, the Government has now conceded that the action can proceed without the demand for security for costs:

15 January 2021

The government’s decision to forgo security of costs in the ongoing oil drilling court is a show of weakness and a lack of political will on the part of the government.

How else can this decision be explained when this FNM government approved the oil drilling; filed a notice of  opposition to the request for a judiciary review filed by Bahamas Waterkeeper and others; talk of adjusting oil royalties upwards by the Deputy Prime Minister; and the Prime Minister’s announcement just yesterday to review the PLP inspired Sovereign Wealth Fund Act, 2016 legislation together with accelerating the establishment of the fund. Conventional wisdom dictates that the current circumstance, the government would strengthen its position in support of its policy, but instead and alas, the government became weak kneed and shamefully capitulated to Fred Smith.

Attorney Fred Smith has a long, sordid and ignoble history and record of collusion with the FNM while abusing and profiteering off the country’s judicial system and the Bahamian taxpayer.

The government must grow some spine, speak with clarity and show some support for its policies by reversing this weak and duplicitous decision forthwith.