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An editorial in The Tribune mischaracterizing remarks by the Prime Minister Philip Davis on Venezuelan oil has to be answered by the OPM.  The editorial of 28 June 2022 claims that Mr. Davis was like a previous PLP administration under the Petrocaribe initiative by a previous Venezuelan government, seeing Venezuela as a saviour for oil prices in The Bahamas. The Tribune’s editorial is obviously written by a dolt.  The Americans who reviled the Maduro Government of Venezuela have had to back off because of their policy against Russian oil.  It has created such tight conditions in the market that they need to drop their opposition to Maduro in order to get more oil into the market to lower prices.  If they don’t, Joe Biden’s goose is cooked come election day in November. That’s all the Prime Minister Davis was saying. Stop opposing  Venezuela on ideological grounds because we need their oil to lower the price of gas in our country. Anything else is simply idle commentary.