The Tribune’s Lies On Michael Halkitas

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Michael B. Halkitis, viagra sale MP

Minister of State for Finance

August 19, viagra sale 2016


I read the article in the 19 August 2016 under the headline:

Government knew of Wells LOI before signing.

In the article; selected portions of correspondence from various sources and addressed to different entities over a wide ranging time period are quoted and intermingled to create the impression of something untoward on my part.

The facts are as follows:

The Bahamas Ministry of Finance is the ministry responsible for relations with the Inter-American Development Bank.

The IDB engages in financing to the government and to private sector entities.

Routinely the Ministry of Finance is approached by private sector entities that are seeking funding through the IDB private sector window to facilitate meetings. As the Bahamas Governor to the IDB; my responsibilities include facilitating meetings of private sector entities seeking to present their business proposals to the IDB.

My letter to the representative of the IDB dated May 26, 2014 was simply to request a meeting between Stellar Energy and representatives of the IDB for that purpose. When read in its entirety and in isolation it is evident that this is the case.