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The results are in following the melt down of the United States President Donald Trump at a news conference on 15August. Mr. Trump decided to double down on his comments that both sides were responsible for the racist violence that took place in Charlottesville.  Neo Nazis and White Supremacists held a rally on Saturday 12 August.  Amongst the chants: Jews will not replace us.  Mr. Trump’s daughter is married to a Jew and Mr. Trump could not bring himself to find the moral courage to stand with his daughter.  Instead, he stood with the racists, the Nazis and white supremacists. He gave a moral equivalence to the Now Nazis and the protestors against racism.  This was a moral low for the United States.  Their representatives around the world and in The Bahamas must be thoroughly ashamed of their country to have produced someone who The Economist Magazine said is: “politically inept, morally barren and temperamentally unfit for office.”

We should not be surprised though at the United States and what happens there.  The U S has done some weird things as a nation.  Their genesis is the invasion by European settlers who displaced the native population, killed them out, displaced them and confined them to small spaces and the decimation continues today.  They brought in enslaved Africans, made them work for free, built their nation on their free labour.  Then fought a war over them and when they were freed continued discrimination, segregation and perpetrated violence against them in order to keep them under control.  They were freed without any compensation.  Then think about the stupid idea of passing an amendment to the constitution of the United States to ban the drink and sale of alcohol.  This was something that was entirely stupid and unenforceable but it took more than a decade to reverse it.  During the Second World War, they rounded up all the American citizens that were ethnic Japanese and put them in concentration camps, even as they were decrying concentration camps in Germany.   Following the Second World War, they then had an alcoholic lunatic named McCarthy in the Senate who led a witch hunt against every one they suspected to be a communist.  It took decades to undo the harm. Some people died without any redress.  That is the United States.  The land of the free and the home of the brave.  The latest though is really an affront to the world order.  Mr. Trump is an embarrassment to his country and to all right thinking people.  He should be removed from office and quickly.