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Carlyle Bethel, the childish joker, who is the Chief of the FNM’s Torchbearers.

Brave Davis, the Leader of the PLP, must have hit a nerve when he told the Prime Minister to get rid of Adrian Gibson whom he described as a child from running the Water and Sewerage Corporation. Mr. Gibson has been running the Corporation into the ground, like a little child with a plaything and abusing the staff to boot. The FNMs didn’t take kindly too it and started saying that this means that Mr. Davis does not support young people. Mr. Davis supports young people, just not that young person. Mr. Gibson has proven to be a disaster. Nothing that Travis Robinson MP who didn’t know if you vote against the PM you get fired, nor Carlyle Bethel, the Torchbearers President, who for him life is one big joke; nothing they can say that can change the fact that Adrian Gibson and his childish ways have been a disaster at the Corporation.