Theo Neilly Is Bowing Out Of Politics

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This was by all accounts a good representative.  He started out long ago as a PLP Young Liberal then converted to FNM.  The talk was that Brent Symonette was funding his campaign and his representation and helped to win him over to the FNM.  The truth is that anyone who knows Brent Symonette knows that he is amongst the more parsimonious of money owners.  In other words he is a cheapskate.   So that was not true.  Mr. Neilly has had one term, viagra usa elected in the face of a popular swing against the party he joined in 2012.  Within the party, it’s been pretty nasty, with them saying all sorts of things that brothers and sisters should not say about one another.  The final straw was the FNM convention which saw a slash and burn campaign the likes of which The Bahamas has not seen.  Mr. Neilly decided he had had it, threw in the towel and communicated the same to his branch in North Eleuthera.  No word on a replacement from the FNM but the PLP’s Clay Sweeting is waiting in the wings and from the FNM side, they are again saying the daughter of former MP Noel Roberts is in the lead as a replacement.  We wish Mr. Neilly well.  Yes indeed politics is not all it’s cracked up to be.