They Accuse The Prime Minister For Closing A Road For A Friend

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Munnings Road has been closed and blocked off. The Ministry of Works official position is that it has been blocked because there was a successful petition from the residents to close the road from a through road to a cul-de-sac. They say that was the original plan for the subdivision.  Closure of the road has caused an inconvenience to the public and adverse commentary in social media about the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis in whose constituency the road can be found. They say because of the personal relationship with a woman in the constituency, the road has been closed. What happened next was a serious accident, where no warning signs were apparently in place; the Ministry of Works has placed concrete blast barriers across the road.  A woman on Thursday 14 June was driving along the road, didn’t realize the road was blocked off and smashed into it and was killed.  There was no explanation from the Government. Social media started putting two and two together.