08/06/17 9 AM

The PLP has warned the FNM government of Hubert Minnis that he is now going down a very dangerous road.  He has ignored it.  He tried to belittle the words of the Leader of the Opposition when he warned him in a letter that the treatment meted out to the former PLP parliamentarians was inhumane.  When the Leader of the Opposition told him in a statement to the country that the PLP made mistakes, he asked the Leader of the Opposition to apologise.  In an earlier dismissive statement, he said he would not meet with the Leader of the Opposition.

This is all good.  This sets the precedent.  The problem with this man Mr. Minnis is that he obviously believes that this power he has will last forever.  It will not.  Like a ghost in the night it will gone.  Then what.  What he will leave behind is a precedent that the way to deal with your political opponents is to take the power of the state and use the police to get at them and then take them to court, even though you know that the charges are not worth the paper they are written on.

The police are now making themselves the enemies of every PLP in town.  They  not only are displaying gross bias and improper procedures in these cases, but in their personal conduct towards members of the PLP, they have become aggressive and rude. It is really quite sad that across the country, the professionalism of the police force has fallen to a new low.

It is clear that a double standard is at work. The list is endless of those in the FNM who have been engaged in one nefarious activity after the next.  They are as crooked as the day is long.  Yet Mr. Minnis has not looked into the conduct of one former FNM parliamentarian or officer to at least balance in the books in this naked partisan exercise in which he is engaged.

The opportunity will of course come for the PLP once again. The question will be what happens then.  The PLPs are very angry not only at this with Mr. Minnis but that former Prime Minister Perry Christie did not take the opportunity to go at the  former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham for the under sale by his government of the telephone company and for the many other charges made against his ministers for misconduct in public office. PLPs sit and sulk.

It was way back in June 1942 that we saw what happened when a government goes down a bloody minded road and will not listen to a minority in the country that say you are oppressing us.  It led to a crisis in the town for two days and the deaths of three people, and the damage to property was substantial.  Sir Randol Fawkes remembered the feelings of the day and said that in those days Burma Road declared war on the conchy joe.   Freddie Munnings later sang: Beware Abaco, Beware Bay Street coming down beware.  In 1968 Ronnie Butler sang: Going down Burma Road. Don’t lick nobody.

The word from the FNM partisans on the street is that this arrest of Shane Gibson was to force him to flip crown’s evidence to tell a story on the former Prime Minister Perry Christie.  That is who they want to frog march up the steps to the court.  If they mess with that, they are playing with fire. We believe the charges against Mr. Gibson are false. So any suggestion that the former Prime Minister is in their sights should be treated as idle propaganda.  But given how these things have gone in the last few days, the Minnis government will do anything.  Fair warning.

If these folks are not careful, they will lead us down Burma Road again. That would be very unfortunate. But we can’t say it would surprise us or that the government did not deserve what happens in that unfortunate event.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday 5 August 2017 up midnight: 318,732;
Number of hits for the month of July up to Monday 31st July 2017 up to midnight: 1,449,806;
Number of hitfor the year 2017 up to Saturday 5 August 2017 up midnight: 7,380,095.


01/08/17 3 PM


Minister for Grand Bahama Michael Darville at a press briefing in Freeport this morning 8 January indicated that the Fishing Hole Road which joins West Grand Bahama to Freeport is to be closed from 4 p m until the duration of the high tide which will end at 10 p m.

The road is flooded due to the high tide and a surge exacerbated by 30 knot winds.

Police will be stationed at either side of the crossing to enforce the closure.

The police will allow motorist to pass in an organize fashion until there is a safety issue. At that point no one will be able to pass until the tide recede.

According to Grand Bahama Minister Michael Darville: The police will allow motorist to pass in an organize fashion until there is a safety issue. At that point no one will be able to pass until the tide recede.”


05/01/16 1 AM

viagra generic times;”>PHOTOS BY DEREK SMITH 

Description: C:UsersAdministratorDownloadsMin Johnson@The Road To Majority Rule Launch Press Conf April 27, 2016.  034174.jpg 

Description: C:UsersAdministratorDownloadsMin Johnson@The Road To Majority Rule Launch Press Conf April 27, 2016.  034163.jpg 

Description: C:UsersAdministratorDownloadsMin Johnson@The Road To Majority Rule Launch Press Conf April 27, 2016.  034239.jpg 

Description: C:UsersAdministratorDownloadsMin Johnson@The Road To Majority Rule Launch Press Conf April 27, 2016.  034191.jpg 

Description: C:UsersAdministratorDownloadsMin Johnson@The Road To Majority Rule Launch Press Conf April 27, 2016.  034143.jpg 

Description: C:UsersAdministratorDownloadsMin Johnson@The Road To Majority Rule Launch Press Conf April 27, 2016.  034162.jpg 

Nassau, Bahamas – The Ministry of Youth, Sports, & Culture officially launched the national 50th anniversary celebrations of Majority Rule during a press conference at its Thompson Boulevard headquarters on Wednesday, 27th April, 2016, under the theme, “Many Islands, One People”.

The nearly year-long cultural calendar of planned events will commemorate half a century since The Bahamas navigated through its own of Civil Rights Movement, better known as The Road To Majority Rule, leading up to the 50th anniversary on January 10th, 2017.

Coming more than 130 years after the emancipation, it was community activism in the 1940’s that fast-tracked The Bahamas on The Road To Majority Rule during the general elections of 1967.  Hon. Dr. Daniel Johnson, Minister of Youth, Sports & Culture, said the 50th anniversary of this compelling historical saga gives The Bahamas an amazing opportunity to share its story with the world, “The Road to Majority Rule embodied the critical struggle for equality and human dignity, for all Bahamians.  Paving the way toward an independent Bahamas, and an end to colonial rule.  Perhaps our greatest collective achievement as a nation, in modern times.”

Celebrations began earlier in April, with the 2016 Youth Culture Fest Parade and Concert at the Arawak Cay heritage site, which saw scores of Bahamian students use Junkanoo, music, art and dance to tell the story of The Bahamas, through to Majority Rule.  A series of events are planned, each month, to engage the public in general, the youth in particular, and to raise cultural awareness and participation, including Culture Under The Stars musical productions, Folk Tale Saturdays, theatrical re-enactments of key moments in Bahamian history, lectures, fashion, song, monologue and poetry competitions.

Rowena Poitier, Director of Culture at The Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture, noted that Bahamians from all walks of life fought for this change, “Using educational content and a series of community involved activities, it is our mission to educate, enlighten and unify the Bahamian people through the understanding of this narrative.  We are a people with a rich history and a rich culture; we want to empower Bahamians to own their story and to be excited and proud about what it means to be a Bahamian.”

Up next on the Road To Majority Rule cultural calendar, Dr. Desiree Cox, will host a lecture on Creative Technology & Life Design at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, on May 5th.  Then the first Folktale Saturdays will be held, at the Father Marshall Cooper’s Park in Mason’s Edition, on May 14th. 


The 48th Annual Glenda’s Road Race

08/09/15 1 PM

Photos by Vandyke Hepburn of the Bahamas Information Services

discount viagra prescription times;”>Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell at the 48th annual Glenda’s Road in Bimini. From left Leonard “Brave “Stuart, mind organizer of the race, Glenda Rolle after whom the race is named, the minister and Vincent Ellis, race marshal and announcer.

Fred Mitchell sitting with some of the runners at the finish line of the 28th annual Glenda’s Road Race in Bimini 6th August

Fred Mitchell MP at the Glenda’s Road Race in Bimini at the finish line with former MP for Bimini George Weech. 

Overall winner for women Eve Dorsett at the 48th annual Glenda’s Road Race on 6th August in Bimini from left: Fred Mitchell MP, Ms. Dorsett, Glenda Rolle after whom the race is named and race organizer Leonard “ Brave” Stuart.

Fred Mitchell MP congratulates the winner overall Dylan Eddins, an employee of Resorts World Bimini at the Glenda’s Road Race on 6th August 2015.



06/07/15 1 PM

buy cialis buy viagra times;”>Sarkis Izmirlian picked a public fight with the contractor who is building the Bahamar hotels in Cable Beach, viagra usa cialis sale with the unions, with the government, with Breezes his immediate neighbour, and with  the financiers.  What could possibly be the strategy behind that?  We came upon this idea.  Perhaps the idea is to shame each and every one of these parties to capitulate in the face of public exposure?  Interesting idea and sometimes it works except when you are dealing with the Chinese where money means nothing and time even less, and face is everything, how do you expect that to work? Bottom line is despite the intervention at the highest levels of the government it doesn’t seem like there is any movement on completing the Bahamar project.  The workers  on the construction site have left.  The place has come to standstill. This project though is too big to fail and we must find an answer and soon because there is the threat to start laying off those people who left their good jobs to go join Mr. Izmirlian.


02/08/15 2 PM


By Kathryn Campbell
Bahamas Information Services

NASSAU, generic cialis viagra patient The Bahamas – The Bahamas Government has signed a $7 million contract with Bethell’s Trucking and Heavy Equipment to reconstruct 9.7 miles of roads in Andros.

The signing ceremony took place February 5 during a Press Conference at the Ministry of Works and Urban Development. In attendance was the Hon. Dr. Perry Gomez, Minister of Health and Member of Parliament for Andros and the Berry Islands, and the Hon. Arnold Forbes, Minister of State in the Ministry of Works and Urban Development and former Chairman of The Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation. Colin Higgs, Permanent Secretary, George Hutchinson, Deputy Director, other senior Government officials and members of the technical team including Dion Munroe, project manager, were also present.

The Hon. Philip Davis, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Works and Urban Development said with the opening of Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) the need became “critical” for the main road between BAMSI and the San Andros Airport to be reconstructed and paved with hot-mix asphalt.

The scope of works includes, among others, clearing verges, scarifying existing pavement and installing line marking and signage from the San Andros Airport to the major crossing south of the BAMSI site.

“For North and Central Andros, this marks only the beginning of phased roadworks,” said Minister Davis. “As early as 2013, technical officers in my Ministry re-scoped 79.3 miles of settlement and main roads in North and Central Andros for repair and reconstruction, including the settlement roads and upgrade of the water distribution mains in Mastic Point and Nicholls Town.”

He said the Government will proceed with repairs and reconstruction of the main and settlement roads in North and Central Andros as funding permits.

Minister Gomez said the residents of Central and North Andros have “suffered” for a long time due to the “severely” bad roads. He described the signing as a “major” step forward for North Andros and the country.

Minister Forbes said the contract will contribute to the development of commerce for the people of North and Central Andros. “I believe all Androsians will benefit from the signing of the contract and I’m sure it will bring employment opportunities for some of the locals as well,” he added.

Approximately 50 persons will be employed on the project, which is expected to take 6 months to complete.

The Hon. Philip Davis, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Works and Urban Development (right), congratulates Stanley Bethell, proprietor of Bethell’s Trucking and Heavy Equipment, on his award of the contract to reconstruct roads in Andros. (BIS Photo/Raymond A. Bethel, Sr.)

Ministry Of Transport’s Road Safety Campaign

01/25/15 1 PM

cialis diagnosis times;”>NASSAU, viagra sales The Bahamas – Representatives of the Road Safety Committee led by the Hon. Glenys Hanna-Martin, Minister of Transport and Aviation, continued its public education programme at Columbus Primary, Collins Avenue, Wednesday where they observed the flow of traffic in the area and students and parents used the pedestrian crossing directed by a crossing guard.

Minister Hanna-Martin said the education programme is among other initiatives designed to heighten public awareness of road safety and reduce the number of traffic fatalities in the country.

Road Traffic Controller Ross Smith said the visit to Columbus Primary School was one of seven to be made to schools throughout New Providence. The Committee recently conducted a similar exercise at Yellow Elder Primary School, Baillou Hill Road. The initiative is in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.



08/03/14 6 AM


Fred Mitchell MP will run in the Glenda’s Road Race in Bimini on Thursday 7th August.  This is the 49th annual race named after the daughter of the late civic activist in Bimini Glen Rolle.  The race is three miles and is an open race.


photo shows Fred Mitchell in last year’s race

photo shows Fred Mitchell in last year’s race