This Asinine Daylight Saving Time

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sildenafil doctor times;”>The Cabinet office of The Bahamas has once again announced that as of 13 March, thumb early this morning at 2 a. m. the time went ahead one hour. It’s called Daylight Saving Time.  It is stupid.  It does not save time and it disrupts the schedules of many, including children who have to get up in the dark just so some people can have more daylight in the evening.  Lilla Mitchell, mother of Fred Mitchell MP, had one interest each year in public policy.  She would write the Prime Minister and ask: why in the world were they fooling with the time?  Did he know how difficult it was to get her children up for school because of it? To no avail.  In her memory then, we repeat the assertion here.  End this stupid and asinine Daylight Saving Time.