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Jerome Fitzgerald’s soldiers on the ground.

FNM Rally in Long Island on 10 February

The House of Assembly on Wednesday 15 February met to debate the boundary changes that will take place for the election 2017. The election will be held sometime between the 1 May and the end of June.  It is time for the House to be adjourned and prorogued and people get on to the hustings and start campaigning in earnest for the general election.  The House of Assembly is now a complete waste of time.  No one is listening and all the PLP is doing is providing headlines for Andre Rollins to engage in his ego at the expense of the PLP.  What is the House still doing in session?  A major mistake was made by tabling the Communications Bill which is to authorise a new regime for the interception of phone calls and electronic data.  There is no need to deal with it now.  It has caused Fred Smith with his stupid self to rise up again and get a new life after his anti-Bahamian racist rant.  It has become a cause celebre for the like of stupid Eileen Carron and the saviour of the FNM Ellsworth Johnson and the also ran the mercurial Adrian Gibson.  It should be withdrawn.  It makes no sense.   But there the PLP is like lambs to the slaughter wasting time in the House of Assembly.  Enough of this.  Let’s get to the country, ignore these assholes and win the general election.  Those who don’t like the victory can suck salt.