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Brother Joe Darville

It must be his days as a monk that informs his sanctimoniousness.  We are talking about Brother Joseph Darville, the anti PLP campaigner, who is dressed up in environmental protection clothes. He is the other half of the ventriloquist and the dummy team of Fred Smith, Q C.  So this week he is in the newspaper preaching the gospel of no drilling for oil.  The water is too pristine and the environment will be ruined. He was moved to write the missive because James Smith, the former Minister, trashed the idea of the other half of the ventriloquist and the dummy pair Fred Smith, for putting together one of these fake organizations to sue the government to stop oil drilling.  Mr. Smith’s forte is setting up these dummy organizations with no resources then suing the government which capitulates from intimidation  and then he gets millions of dollars in costs.  It is a legal racket. This time though the Attorney General has said that he expects security for costs and will not agree unless Mr. Smith and his phony clients pay the costs into court.  The license that Bahamas Petroleum Company has is legitimate.  The environmental issues are dealt with but that doesn’t stop the ventriloquist and his dummy from  trying to hijack the process. Mr. Smith ( James ) said that the whole idea of stopping the drilling is preposterous.  Mr. Darville said that Mr. Smith was uninformed.  No Mr. Smith is informed fully.  He knows a shakedown when he sees one.