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Each week comes another embarrassing episode in the history of the modern American presidency. Last week, two of the United States President’s former confidantes and associates were convicted in the courts of the US of felony offences.  The President tried to scoff it off with talk about pardons for one of them, and trying to separate himself from the evidence offered by the other.  His supporters in the legislature of the United States have utterly failed to condemn his uncivil, unlawful and immoral behavior from the lies to the outright whoring. Nothing it appears troubles the legislative majority that supports him in the Congress of the United States that is supposed to by checks and balances bring these matters to heel.  In the meantime, the United States hectors other countries large and small about the conduct of those countries and their civic affairs.  In this present state of affairs in their own country, they have no right to do so, and before this they hardly had a right to do so.  Now that the Emperor is naked, who should listen to them?