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The great Roman Republic seems to have been brought down by a series of crazed and crazy Emperors who just went hog wild like Caligula.  The British had a series of Kings like Henry VIII who seemed nuts.  In the modern era, the Americans designed a new republic that was supposed to have eliminated the possibility of the craziness of the Roman Emperors and limited the excesses of the British Kings.  They wrote this complicated system they called checks and balances. We now know that this is a great failure in this sense.  You can write whatever laws you wish, if the people who occupy the institutions do not stand up for the integrity and independence of those institutions then all the work of checks and balances means nothing.

What you see happening in the United States and its Government is a crying shame. A great nation has been brought low by electing a craven jackass as its President. Every American who serves abroad must be rightly embarrassed by the nonsense coming out of its capital. Donald Trump is not a fit and proper person to be head of the most powerful country in the world and the one ultimately responsible for enforcing world order.  He does not have the intellectual capacity. He is venal.  He is insulting. He is self-centred.  He disrespects the people and the institutions of the United States.  He is a racist.  He is a liar.  He is a misogynist.  He is everything that the United States does not want to be.

Last week the President of the United States called a black woman a dog.  A few days later, he revoked the security clearance of a former Director of the U S Intelligence Agency because he was irritated by that man’s public criticisms of him.  He has attacked his nation’s allies and supported his enemies and is so beholden it seems to Vladimir Putin, the authoritarian President of Russia that it is difficult to fathom.

Yet every week, he is applauded and supported by millions of people who give one excuse after another as he wrecks their institutions nd disrespects their public figures.  A small country like The Bahamas has little to say in these matters.  We have our simpleton in charge here too.  We have enough on our hands.  But it is important to warn our citizens that tough times are coming in relations with the United States.  These people who have said they are our friends are unable to defend themselves much less us.