Trump Is The Liar We Thought He Was

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The whole world now has heard that the President of the United States is a liar.  That is the word used by the former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations James Comey as he described to a U S Senate Hearing why he decided to document what happened in the meetings with the U S President earlier this year.  He said the President tried to stop an investigation into the Russians and their alleged interference in U S Elections.  He said that he complained about the U S President to the Attorney General, who was his boss, and nothing happened so he wrote contemporaneous notes in order to protect himself.  Mr. Trump fired back saying that Mr. Comey was a liar and that he the President was prepared on oath to say so.  Well given all that we know about Donald Trump no one believes for a minute his story.  Yet we believe that nothing will happen because his friends in the Republican party will stick with him through thick and think no matter how egregious his conduct. That is the moral low that governance has reached in the United States of America.