Walking At The Montagu Ramp With The Leader Of The Opposition

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From the Office of the Chair of the Progressive Liberal Party

Opposition Leader Tours Montagu Ramp Dredging

For Immediate Release

1 May 2018

What you see accompanying this release are photos of a walkabout by Leader of the Opposition Progressive Liberal Party Philip Davis at the Montagu Ramp. The marine environment is blanketed in silt arising from the dredging being done on the premises and adjacent seabed to the Royal Nassau Sailing Club.

The fish vendors complained to the PLP that their catches of conch and fish have died as a result of the silting. In addition several boats damaged their propellers because the ramp has now accumulated mud making the tide too low for boats to approach the ramp.

The Leader listened to their concerns and promised to follow up to determine whether the necessary permits have been obtained, whether the impact on the environment is being monitored and who is responsible for making good the losses of the fishermen and conch vendors.

The Leader also discovered that there is no fresh water available at the market and used conch shells litter the marine environment behind the market.

The Leader was accompanied on the walkabout by Party Chairman Senator Fred Mitchell.