Montagu Fishermen Arrested

It is reported that by order direct of the competent authority, the Prime Minister, the men  at Montagu Ramp and their fish cleaners were arrested on Friday 14 August 2020 and taken to the Fox Hill police station.  Lawyers scrambled to get there.  They were later all released without charge.  Their offence selling fish at […]


The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis closed down the businesses of the vendors at Arawak Cay and Potter’s Cay.  There is no distinction between the restaurants at Potters Cay and Arawak Cay and McDonalds. Except maybe the fact that they’re owned by black people. So McDonald’s is open but they are not. Meanwhile at Montagu, the […]

Hubert Minnis’ Order Killed The Conch’s At Potter’s, Arawak and Montagu

The decision of the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis to shut down the fish markets at Arawak Cay, Potter’s Cay and Montagu has led to the mass deaths of conchs in the water awaiting sale.  Some 8,000 conchs had been caught and were awaiting sale, when the order came to stop  selling.  Conchs have started dying […]


Potters Cay vendors have been told by the government that they can open if they compaly with a list of about ten things: current business license, Current food handlers Certificates for all employees, Current Health certificates  for all employees, National Insurance payments up to date, the Compliance Certificates, Covid 19 Complaint, Extermination of rodents completed, […]

Get Your Fish And Conch At Montagu Ramp

Senator Dion Foulkes, who is having a great time during his is final shot as a Minister of the government, claimed that the young MP Shannandon Cartwright who is Chair of the Parks and Beach Authority and therefore responsible for cleaning up the environment is doing a good job.  The photo is Saturday morning 30 […]

Walking At The Montagu Ramp With The Leader Of The Opposition

From the Office of the Chair of the Progressive Liberal Party Opposition Leader Tours Montagu Ramp Dredging For Immediate Release 1 May 2018 What you see accompanying this release are photos of a walkabout by Leader of the Opposition Progressive Liberal Party Philip Davis at the Montagu Ramp. The marine environment is blanketed in silt […]