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tadalafil times;”>Description: http://www.thenassauguardian.com/attachments/article/49653/Tennyson%20Wells%202.jpg 

viagra buy times;”>The row in the FNM is still going.  Here’s the latest in the saga. Andre Rollins, the PLP’s former boy wonder who betrayed the PLP and left and went to the FNM, just reached at the FNM but now is telling the FNM what to do.  There is a Senate appointment that has to be made.  Former Chairman Michael Pintard was forced to resign in a corruption scandal.  Dr. Rollins wrote the leader of the FNM who brought him into the FNM to tell him to appoint Dr. Duane Sands as the Senator. Now everyone knows that Duane Sands is a dead fish and shouldn’t even be in the House but  anyway that’s what Mr. Rollins wants.  The letter got “leaked” not “stolen”  and appeared in the press complete with a big picture of Mr. Rollins  compliments of Candia Dames.  Other FNM MPS joined in,  Loretta Butler Turner, (Dr. Sands himself played coy), Richard Lightbourn and  Hubert Chipman.  Mr. Chipman for added measure though pledged his full support to Dr. Minnis and his leadership.  No one believes it, but he said it anyway.  So the saga continues. The appointment to the Senate is in the sole gift and in his own deliberate judgment of the Leader of the Opposition, not the Members of Parliament.  Dr. Minnis can tell them buzz off. The next day Tennyson Wells, the former FNM MP, who now supports Dr. Minnis got into it by saying Dr. Rollins was out of order and should butt out.  That was counteracted  by Frank Watson Mr. Wells’ former colleague in the cabinet who said Dr. Rollins was not out of order.   Let’s then add the fact that Darren Cash, the former Chairman also, says there must be a convention and an early one not one in November. There are too many urgent matters to consider. 

On 3 May, Mr. Cash according to The Tribune posted this on his Facebook page:” It is my considered view that the FNM needs an early convention.

 “For a spell it seemed that we could survive without a convention that involved a leadership showdown. I no longer feel that is possible or wise even if it was. It would be unwise to permit the recurring circular firing squad to continue for months. Men and women of courage can face firing squads. But it is worse when you do not know where the shots are coming from, as in the leak of the ‘communication’.” 

He continued: “Clean up must take place and the party must then move forward. The FNM cannot persist in being a party of splintered leadership at the top. An early convention is the only credible solution to the current morass. In my view, anyone who suggests otherwise is deluding themselves.” 

No word came from Dr. Minnis.  He we are told is not minding the noise in the market but is going on with the business of running the FNM.  There is a song that says: “ Say what you like, do what you like, still gat you going my way.”