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If you are a PLP MP, there is a heap of trouble on the horizon.  The PLP’s Convention just held was a wake-up call to the country that the PLP can organize.  This was certainly so when you contrast the hopeless FNM Torchbearers Convention was held during the last days of last week.  Take Marvin Dames who outlined a crime plan, that he failed to carry out when he was on the Force but spent time carping and complaining about being moved to security duty at the airport.  Or Jeffery Lloyd whose programme to rescue youths set in motion by the PLP was scrapped by the FNM but he is with them today telling the country it’s the PLP’s fault. The Youth Convention of the FNM was low key, dark and low energy.   What faces PLP MPs on the horizon though is as the general election comes closer, there is a greater demand for jobs.  Everyone wants to work for the Government, and the government jobs are simply not there for everyone to have.  The Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre for example is a popular favourite for employment but no one has been hired there in two years.  There has been no money.  That is the cry all around particularly for labouring jobs and security jobs and the jobs which unskilled women prefer that of being a janitress at a school.  The issue is also no qualifications.  It is amazing how a school system which says that you are supposed to graduate with BGCSEs or BJCs have so many young adults who have nothing: none of either and some have no diploma from high school.  This is the single most depressing prospect of these elections.   The FNM of course can ride on the disgruntlement with this, so the PLP has to find a way to counter this without doing what the FNM did the last time, spending the government’s monies to hire people en masse at the last minute.  So  if the PLP wins the next election, it had better go full steam ahead at trying to correct this problem of helpless, untrained youth otherwise it will be in big trouble next time if not this time.