What Is Ian Strachan’s Problem?

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discount viagra buy cialis times;”>image017The late playwright Winston Saunders used to say about Ian Strachan  that he is  just a troublesome fellow.  He wasn’t wrong about that because just when you think this man has become a mature individual who can play to the mainstream and embrace his ambitions to actually put his hand to some mainstream task and make it work, best cialis he lets us down.  The man just likes to complain about everything.  This causes the objective observer to wonder if this  is simply a very unhappy person, an unhappy person about life. He has it all on the face of it: a good job, influence in the society and talent, a family.   So in the face of a generally happy event in The Bahamas, we had this from Professor Strachan, the teacher of our children at the College, soon to be University of The Bahamas about the Junkanoo carnival

On 12 May he posted on Facebook :  “The fundamental idea that black people partyin (sic) half- naked will attract white American tourists by the thousands is gravely flawed.

Later he posted : “How is 100K what you pay Montano? My sources say he and others normally would consider 5-10K US a good pay day. Someone help me understand.”

For the record, the idea is not to get white American tourists to be attracted to half naked black people.  That trivializes a real and genuine attempt to monetize the cultural talents of our people; so that they can make a living equivalent to what he Dr. Strachan gets at the College of The Bahamas that allows him to lambast the effort.   As for the 100k being paid to the Trinidadian artist.  That is simply untrue.