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The talk all around Long Island is whether or not their beleaguered MP Adrian Gibson is going to resign or not, given that he is charged before the courts with several serious offences of corruption. The law: the constitution and statute law does not require him to resign once charged. He only is disqualified from sitting if he is convicted and sentenced to a  term of imprisonment 12 months or more.  Even then, he is unlikely to resign until the appeal process is done which means by him given his obdurate nature right up to the Privy Council. So bottom line is don’t look to any time soon.  However, the PLP should be getting ready anyway.  The fact is notwithstanding the public protestations of the FNM and their official position that they stand behind Mr. Gibson, they do not. They are seeking to push him out the door .  The seat is being warmed for Dr. Duane Sands.  The party wishes Dr. Sands to be in a position to take the FNM into the general election as its leader with the seat in Long Island.