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It does not appear that a lot is happening with Opposition forces at all.  This is a photo of Lincoln Bain, who up to last week was FNM but is now bathed in the green of the DNA.  We don’t think the Bible quite had this in mind when it said “in the moment, in the twinkling of an eye, we shall all be changed.”  Dr. Hubert Minnis who is now leader of the FNM rump that is left after the seven MPs bolted from the fold, is trying his best to keep it going.  He has a press conference on Sunday 22 January at 4 pm. But hardly anyone is listening to him.  The lovely Loretta Butler has stolen is thunder. She has the media on her side although she has no people on her side.  The result is Dr. Minnis and the FNM get shut out for the dog and pony show of Loretta Butler Turner and Senator Rodney Moncur.  Last week, his latest comedy show was that he was threatening to take all the clothes he said that John Bostwick Q C and former Leader of the FNM gave him as a charity gift, cut them up and throw them over Mr. Bostwick’s wall.  Senator Moncur was offended that Senator Bostwick allegedly talked about the fact that he gave clothes as a gift to Senator Moncur. That side show was simply that a side show.  Meanwhile Loretta Butler Turner, Leader of the Opposition thought she had a deal with the Gatekeepers and the Greg Moss; United Party but within hours of its announcement Radio Talk Show Host Steve McKinney announced that it had fallen apart.