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Andre Foster BTC CEO

So Andre Foster, speaking to the press, said that 5 G is unlikely to come to The Bahamas until 2022 or 2023.  This only confirms what the PLP has been saying and we have been saying in this column, the phone companies in this country have no interest in national development.  The Government keeps touting that this country is going to be tech savvy and digitally ready but right now it is neither.  The digital platforms in the country are lousy and slow.  The phone system is choked, overcrowded and full of dropped calls. This cannot sustain the digital demands for a modern country.  By this time, had BTC been owned by the Government, the investment would have been made in a[be1]  national fibre network to ensure that we are up to date and the necessary infrastructure in place for 5 G.  The phone companies do not have the money or the interest to get us into the 21st century with the digital demands. Shame on them. The PLP should pledge as a government to form a new company which would make the necessary investment to ensure that we are up to date digitally.