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The talk was just after Christmas: get ready, he is going to ring the bell just after lent.  For you reading this from overseas” ring the bell” is a Bahamian expression for calling the general election.  If he had common sense, the Prime Minister Hubert Minister, would have been an idiot to call an election almost two years ahead of time. He would be an idiot to call it this year  at all but then again, he is what he is. So everyone led by his party is scrambling around to  get headquarters in place and doing door to door. It looks like an election but Dr. Minnis says it ain’t so.  He is not calling an election this year ( so he told the press). But we say, do not  pay attention to what he says but to what he does. There is too much activity going on for this be sustained into next year.  But then stranger things have happened. Our bet is Dr. Minnis is going to run this clock right out to the bitter end: 13 months and 90 days. He will pray “Hail Mary” every night that something good happens for him.  If does not call the election now but waits the normal time,  he will have had the advantage of power for another year and then we can all say good bye to his horse’s ass when the bell does ring, He will have been one of only four Bahamians to call themselves Prime Minister.  The pundits say though that Dr. Minnis is going to craft a budget of borrowing out of this world his year and right after he gets the money to spend on 1 July 2021, in  the August, we will have general elections or as late as November but it is going to be this year.