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The FNM is clearly on a course of implosion and self-destruction. In fact they might be living on the moon for all we know. Last week the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis excelled even himself by saying when confronted with the fact that there were problems with the 5.5 billion dollars investment that he was touting in Grand Bahama, as in the principals in the Oban Energy Operation seemed to be just this side of crooked.   He responded that when you are fishing on the moon and you drop your line in the water you don’t know what you will catch. Say what said most people.  What a fellow. Anyway, the project of 5.5 billion dollars investment in Grand Bahama from oil refining exploded in their face and try as they might, they cannot justify what they announced.  They tried the usual blame the PLP but the PLP is not in power and the PLP did not advance the matter beyond the stage of a conditional letter. The folk were unable to fulfil the commitments after 15 months with the conditional letter and now after nine months they have heads of agreement with the FNM. The FNM Prime Minister when asked about due diligence said the PLP had done it so they went ahead.  Not so. What a bold faced untruth. Our issue though is not them.  We think the people of the country are beginning to pay attention again to the PLP.  They are listening. What have we got to say to them? That’s the hard part. It cannot be that we are going to be or better or different FNM. It must be that the policies we outline will make us a better country with full employment and a chicken in every pot. That is our job.  Let us rededicate ourselves every day to move forward. Nor look backward. The line has been drawn under the Christie era.  Having crossed that line, there should be no looking back. The last story we heard like that, the person looking back turned into salt.