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The FNM Government after having done nothing for one year but borrow 1.7 billion dollars, boast about how corrupt the country is (their ma is corrupt), lock up their political opponents in jail, and then boast about GDP growth buttressed by healthy tourism figures about how well the tourism figures are doing. Stop over visitors are up; hotel rooms are full; the airport is boasting about the highest figures ever.   Peter Turnquest, the hapless Minister of Finance claimed that the economy is showing promising signs. If it is, it is no thanks to him what with their firing 3000 people from the public service and each day they are letting more people go. The reason there is growth in tourism and in the GDP is Bahamar.  That is the hotel project that the FNM fought against, called crooked and a secret deal.  Now they are boasting and claiming its success. No thanks to the PLP for what they did to make it possible.  Bahamar caused more people to come because there was larger hotel inventory, more rooms; it caused more flights and passengers through the airport; the additional people working and coming to town caused more GDP growth. All the doing of the PLP.