Wicked Candia Dames And Dumb D’Aguilar

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Last week must have been a slow week.  Candia Dames, the Managing Editor of the Nassau Guardian, went into the newspapers archives and found an article with a headline of Fred Mitchell then an MP in 2008 asking the Government to buy the Royal Oasis property in Freeport which was closed by the hurricane in Freeport.  Moral of the story according to her was hypocrisy because the PLP now opposes buying the Grand Lucayan.  This is one wicked woman.  All the PLPs were busy passing around this piece of FNM propaganda.  No one stopped to think that it was all foolishness  in that it is clear that was 2008 and this is 2017.  It is also clear that the Government of the FNM said they were against state ownership of hotels. It is also clear that the FNM said the country was broke and had no money.  The propensity of the PLP to pass around the FNM propaganda is limitless it appears. Then the wicked journalist witch of east put up a reporter to call Senator Fred Mitchell to ask what his views were.  He reportedly told the reporter to tell that propagandist to go speak to her friends in the FNM.  That they did.  The hopeless hapless Minister of Tourism Dionysio D’Aguilar was quick to jump on it, saying that no one should take the PLPs seriously.  It is really interesting how money can disguise the lack of intelligence.  That was a silly and cynical thing for him to say.  He sits in a government that lied its way into office; that promised one thing and did another.  Mr. D’Aguilar and his propagandist friend at the Nassau Guardian deserve each other .