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Dame Janet Bostwick, the first woman elected to the House, with Glenys Hanna Martin and other female politicians past and present.

There was an interesting time in the House of Assembly on Wednesday 23rd November 2022.  The women of the Parliament caused a special joint session of the Senate and the House to commemorate the 60th anniversary of women exercising the vote.  Ruby Ann Cooper Darling goes down in history as the first woman to have registered to vote.  There is a banquet in her honour on Saturday 26 November 2022 at Bahamar.  The history and tributes flowed freely, led by the senior female politician in the country Glenys Hanna Martin.  Mrs. Martin moved a resolution to mark the day and to honour Janet Bostwick , the first woman to have been elected to the House.  She was elected in 1982.  Dame Janet was there to hear the accolades.  There is a portrait of her to be placed on the southern wall of the House to mark the occasion.