Zhivargo Laing Says He Aint Running

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Former FNM MP and Minister Zhivargo Laing posted this statement on his Facebook page.  There had been some speculation about his returning for yet another run for office.  He rejected that in unequivocal terms. Trouble is last time in 2007, he said the same thing only for us to find out that when Hubert Ingraham said he was returning to run the FNM, Mr. Laing announced a change of heart.  This time his Facebook friends were skeptical but he said this and we post it:

I want to make something abundantly clear. I have no interest or intent to run in Marco City or any other constituency in the upcoming general elections. I fully endorse Michael Pintard as the potential candidate for the constituency I once had the privilege to represent in the House of Assembly. He is a capable and intelligent Bahamian who can bring much good to Marco City and to our country. I want all to know, including the leader of the FNM and his brother, Boxer Minnis, I am not behind the scene or in the scene participating in any political activities. I am focused on matters dear to my heart and essential to the well-being of my family. I trust and hope that all and sundry will let the dead stay dead.