Joan Sawyer Is Recalcitrant and Obstinate

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Last week, we reported that Dame Joan Sawyer, the former Court of Appeal President now retired, said that the Referendum on gender equality was a waste of time and that although she had not read the bills, she would be voting no.  The folk who are running the yes campaign went to see her and thought that there was a change of heart but the lady is sticking to her guns. Her argument is that everything that the referendum now seeks to do can be done by the ordinary passage of law in Parliament. We think that she is strictly correct in that but that also means that Parliament can overturn it by a simple act of Parliament. The idea is to give the same advantages or rights that men now have in the constitution to women.  That is what this is seeking to do.  This cannot be done without a referendum.  It is unfortunate that someone of her standing doesn’t realize when it is time to disappear from the scene.  Then gratuitously, again something we agree with, she seemed to give comfort the gay and lesbian community as well saying that Jesus loves them all.   We agree there too.  The problem is that is not what we are being asked to do right now.  Right now, we are being asked to give women equal rights under the constitution.  She as a woman should be voting yes.  We intend recommend that everyone votes yes.