What Were These Policemen Thinking

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viagra canada times;”>Description: Ricardo Bain, <a href=generic cialis aged 44, left, and Herman Pinder, aged 31, who have both been discharged from the police force and admitted stealing phones from BTC. Photos: Tim Clarke/Tribune Staff” />

They have disgraced themselves.  They have disgraced the Force. They were called to the scene of  a robbery at one of BTC’s shops in Nassau. Two policemen answered the call. Then for some inexplicable reason, they stole cell phones from the store valued at 435 dollars.  It was all caught on video tape.  They were arrested.  They denied it.  When showed the tape they confessed.  On Monday 2 May, they were then hauled before the courts.  They were fired just before that.  Little did they know that two of the best friends in the world are BTC’s Manager Leon Williams and the Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade.  So they got the book thrown at them. They pleaded guilty and were fined 3000 dollars which they have to pay by 18 May or go to jail for 18 months.  The Magistrate Andrew Forbes could not understand it. We cannot either. They were lucky there were before Mr. Forbes who let Henry Bostwick Jr. go on an ammunition charge with only a fine.  If it had been one of those female magistrates, you can be sure, they would have been in jail now.  These are not rookies but seasoned mature men.  So they have now disgraced everyone including their families, stealing or tiefing and we would say 435 dollars’ worth of stuff.  Whole career gone down the drain. No pension, no gratuity for Ricardo Bain 44 and Herman Pinder 31. How stupid can you be?