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viagra generic times;”>We salute these two men Sir Orville Turnquest and Sir Arthur Foulkes, former Governor General, for stepping up to the plate and unusually urging the population to stand up for the rights of women.  Cutting through the chase, all the garbage from the uninformed and the too smart, they said it simply for us.  This matter is about equality for women.  That means on 7 June, they will be voting yes.  Their full statement appears below. 


Sir Orville Turnquest GCMG, QC and Sir Arthur Foulkes GCMG

4th May 2016

(via the Bahamas Information Services)

As former Governors General of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, as former Members of Parliament, and as signers to our nation’s Independence Constitution, we wish to express our full support for gender equality in our Constitution and to encourage the Bahamian people to Vote Yes on all four of the amendments that will be presented in the June 7th referendum.

We are proud that the Constitution we helped to create in 1972 prohibits laws which discriminate on the basis of race or religion; now this right to non-discrimination must be extended to Bahamian men and women.  In strong democracies, citizens bear the same responsibilities and enjoy the same rights, whether they are male or female. 

Bahamians are being asked:  should our sons and daughters be equal in our Constitution and under our laws?  Our answer can only be yes; not only because democracy depends on this kind of equality, but because we are fathers and grandfathers. 

We know that families provide the foundation for every strong society, and laws that divide families weaken our nation.  Our sons and daughters, and our grandsons and granddaughters, should have the same opportunities, the same privileges and the same protections under the law.

We urge Bahamians to reflect carefully and to be guided by the truth, not by fear and confusion.  This is a historic opportunity, a moment for progress and celebration.  Voting Yes is the right choice for our country, for our democracy and for our sons and daughters.