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So the Prime Minister Philip Davis went to the University of The Bahamas 12 July 2022 to talk about he National Development plan, only to be sandbagged or attempted to be sandbagged by a questioner, probably an FNM plant, to ask what is he going to do about queer Bahamians. The questioner said that he or she ( couldn’t tell from the pitch of the voice) wanted to know what would be done to protect queer Bahamians i.e. LGBTQ Bahamians, seeing that the PLP was among the queerest in Bahamian history.

This is part of the gotcha culture imported from the United States.  The press reported that there were audible gasps from the audience, and after the Prime Minister answered the question which was to say that when he spoke he spoke for all Bahamians not male or female Bahamian but all Bahamians, a lady got up to defend what needed no defence.  Her thing was the government was not responsible for the sexual choices of the LGBTQ community.

It has long gone past the time when these kinds of inquires in this country should concern anyone.

It has become so tiresome. Every week, Lincoln Bain with his stupid self is out there accusing someone of being homosexual, as if that changes the fact that he is an ignoramus.  No matter who is homosexual, Lincoln Bain is still an ignoramus.

The fact is the PLP is no more gay oriented or occupied than the FNM. No more gay people are in the PLP than  in the FNM.

If you don’t believe us ask Marvin Dames the former Minister of National Security and the countless others who know the truth of which we speak in the FNM.

The problem is this: why is it a big deal or a deal at all? Who cares?  There is no mischief in this country in a legal sense to cure with gay people. Save for the question of same sex marriage which the courts will soon declare unconstitutional in this country, the real issue is prejudice, prejudice against what is a naturally occurring phenomenon in the population, no more dangers than being left handed.

There was a time when  children were beaten to stop writing with their left hand. But God made it that way.

So then, the gotcha questioner can go take a rest.  The defender should stop the knee jerk.  Everyone should live their lives and stay out of people’s bedroom business.