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On  8 April 2021, the Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis left for the United Sates capital Washington D C or a series of meetings with public officials there. He returns to The Bahamas today.

Mr. Davis is about to become the Prime Minister of The Bahamas. It is important in the run up to that event, that he burnishes his credentials in the foreign affairs arena. The United States is our most important relationship and so it is important for  him to get a feel for what is happening there from the inside and to explain what plans he has for the relationship with The Bahamas going froward.

Foreign Affairs is extremely important to the success of the next government.  Almost immediately upon entering office, Mr. Davis will face a set of challenges that has met no other Bahamian Prime Minister.  Our nation is on a downward economic trajectory.  Every other Prime Minister has transitioned to another Government leaving some goodwill and money in the Treasury.  This Government under Hubert Minnis and the FNM will have spent it all and all the credit will be gone.

Mr. Davis will be seeking to fill that hole immediately and also try to meet the high expectations for Bahamians whose lives have been ruined by these covid regulations that were so ham-fistedly imposed upon them by the FNM Government.

Some elements in the U S keep trying to drag us into a contest between themselves and China. We need to stay out of that stuff.

He will also have to correct the policy of  interfering in the affairs of other countries as happened with the policy on Venezuela.  All of that has to change.

So we hope that the trip was successful and we look froward to Mr. Davis becoming Prime Minister and reconstructing for this country, a foreign policy that makes since both politically and economically.