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Carl Bethel has turned out to be a wuss… a weak Attorney General. He started off so well but his performance fell flat. First he made a grand stand about how the was independent and how he must be a minister for justice. He then said that there was nothing he saw so far that amounted to a crime. That didn’t last as long as a paddy in the army. First he arrested Ken Dorsett and had him paraded like a monkey in shackles through the streets. A few days later, he did the same thing with former Senator Frank Smith.

So what this means is that the precedent has been set. This is how you deal with your political opponents.

There are two culprits however that must not escape scrutiny in this matter.

The first is the Minister of National Security Marvin Dames. He appears to be author of these persecutions of PLPs. He defended this on the basis that no one is going get any special treatment. Special treatment he means by that there will be no civility. This will be designed to embarrass the PLP and to destroy the organization and its image.

We see now why he was not chosen by Hubert Ingraham to be Commissioner of Police. He was not fit for the job.

As an adjunct to that, there are probing questions that must be asked of the present Commissioner of Police. How can you take off in the middle of all this combrucktion and go on vacation.

The Commissioner of Police has to answer the question. Are you in charge of this operation of is there a rogue minister behind it?

Finally, it is Hubert Minnis who deserves a special place in hell. He is now the head of a party that is only adept at vengeance and destruction. They have no policies. They only want to get back at every blow that laid him down while he was in Opposition. It is nasty and vile. He deserves condemnation for it. Shame on him.

Shame on Carl Bethel. Shame on Marvin Dames.