Edison And Mattie Nottage Statement On The Convict Jonathan Ash

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(The Nottages, Pastors at Believers Faith Outreach Ministries ordained Jonathan Ash in 2016, the criminal thug who testified against Shane Gibson and is now a convicted criminal himself, for breaking the curfew and selling liquor against the rules. He was fined 7k by the magistrate and became the laughing stock of the country when he unescorted by police bolted like Usain Bolt to the court with his face covered in a mask. He was too ashamed. No handcuffs. No shackles. The couple issued this statement when pictures of the ordination began floating around in the wake of Mr. Ash’s conviction—Editor)

Greetings Believers Faith Outreach Ministries Int’l It is with deep sadness that we are speaking to you in this regards. In light of the recent slate of events currently circulating in the media, let it be known that we, the leadership of BFOMI and its Affiliate Ministries do not condone or support any form of illegal activities conducted by any member of our congregation. 

Please note that we uphold the standards and biblical principles as outlined in the Word of God and will continue to preach sound doctrine as the infallible truth, without compromise. 

We cannot and will not take responsibility for anyone’s deviant actions especially if they have been forewarned time and time again.  Therefore, any criminal misconduct by any member, leader or follower of our organization, be it private or public, is condemned by our Christian beliefs.

Please be advised that the parties involved are no longer actively involved in our leadership and have not been so for several months. It is our prayer that they will embrace the deliverance that is available to everyone who is a part of God’s Kingdom. 


Edison & Mattie Nottage
Apostle Edison & Prophetess Mattie Nottage
Senior Pastor