Grand Bahama PLP Men’s Branch Registration Drive

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The PLP Men’s Branch in Grand Bahama issued the following statement on Friday 12 February 2021:

Ever since the GB PLP Men’s Branch was formed it has continuously sought to bring value to the community and make positive contributions to the greater good in various ways. With a general election quickly approaching we realize the importance of encouraging the youth of Grand Bahama to register so that their voice and vote can be counted on election day and beyond.

With this important cause in mind, the men’s branch has decided to launch a voter registration drive focused on encouraging first time voters to register while helping them understand how precious the right to vote really is. All are welcomed to participate, those who get registered for the first time will be eligible to receive a car by way of having their name placed in a group with other first time registrants. One lucky person will be chosen out of that group of names on April 5th, 2021 and given a car sponsored by the PLP GB Men’s Branch. 

Individuals who decide to participate in this initiative will not be told how to vote but instead the primary objective is to encourage people to register and let their voice be heard on election day. Our forefathers fought extremely hard for us to vote in free and fair elections and we don’t want anyone to take that privilege for granted.

Click on the link below to register for this initiative.