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Major falling outs or just little petulant tiffs.  Barely seven months into their term, the reports are that Dr. Hubert Minnis is seeking to find another job for Attorney General Carl Bethel.  The faithful are not happy about the fact that he does not sing the party line as he should.  He has been telling them what the law is and Dr. Minnis and is crowd don’t want to hear it.  Remind you of the problems of Trump in the U.S. and his Attorney General.  So the plan is as soon as there is a vacancy to get Carl Bethel on the Bench.  The job of CJ comes up next year and although, you will have to kill the bumptious and self-important Brain Moree for the job, it looks like that is the spot that the Prime Minister has in mind for Carl Bethel. Then he can appoint someone else in the Senate for Attorney General and Leader of the Government in the Senate.  There is a separate story in how the Prime Minister has taken away fully half of the Minister for the Environment’s portfolio so we won’t touch that there. This was later dismissed as fake news but it shows volatility of Dr. Minnis’ political environment.  We can’t let this one go though Peter Turnquest, the Finance Minister and the Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis are barely on speaking terms. The reason the removal of Simon Wilson as Financial Secretary.  The move has proven to be a disaster and Mr. Turnquest is said to be livid that he has been landed in the stew by the Prime Minister.  The FNM cabinet is divided into camps as you know: the Sarkis Ismerlian (as in he who claims Bahamar as his own) camp of Education, National Security, Tourism are said to be plotting and scheming.  They think Brent is their new man or maybe even Duane Sands, another Ismerlian man.