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Hurricane Isaias over The Bahamas: which is worse Minnis or Isaias?

So the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis took to the air waves in a rush on Thursday 30 July 2020, to tell us that he had decided that he was not going to lock us up in prison after all on emancipation day.  He said that this was to allow us to go out and prepare for the storm that was coming and that would be coming right over the capital or so it looked. In the end the centre went over Andros the wind and rain promised more than it delivered.

As this piece is being written, the winds are howling outside and the rain is falling.  The southern Bahamas got a lot of rain but the winds are picking up. The last thing that this country needs is  a hit by a substantial hurricane.

The Prime Minister as usual did not take any questions from the press. He rushed out and left the scene.

This country since the FNM came to power has had one crisis after the next.  They have been blaming the PLP but clearly there is only one Jonah in the boat.  The Jonah is Prime Minister Hubert Minnis.  First he and the FNM crashed the economy by making bad deals, taking care of their friends, trying to prosecute their enemies and firing the low paid workers in the public service.

Since then they have been rewarded with Hurricane Dorian, the Covid 19 pandemic and now another hurricane.  When will they get it?

On the way to Nineveh, Jonah in the Bible had to tell the men in the ship that if they wanted the seas to be calm, they had to throw him overboard.  So the message is clear Peter Turnquest, Carl Bethel, Dion Foulkes and the other real FNMs throw this man Minnis overboard.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday, 1st August, up to midnight:  95,064;

Number of hits for the month of July up to Friday, 31st July, up to midnight:  430,415;

Number of hits for the month of August up to Saturday, 1st August, up to midnight:  16,063;

Number of hits for the year 2020 up to Saturday, 1st August, up to midnight:  5,814,084.