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The following statement was issued by the Chairman of the PLP Fred Mitchell in answer to Peter Turnquest, the Minister of Finance who claimed that because the Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis promised that the PLP will repeal the proposed Commercial Enterprises Bill if it becomes law the PLP was endangering foreign investment. Talk about the kettle calling the pot black. Jeez!

From The Office Of The Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party
On Peter Turnquest’s Response To The PLP On The Commercial Enterprises Bill
For Immediate Release
28 November 2017

The Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest really has a nerve. He has suddenly found religion in the sense that he now recognizes that the world is watching what is said in The Bahamas. The PLP was aware of this all the time. That is why the PLP warned Mr. Turnquest from the day he took on the job of Minister of Finance that he ought to be careful what he says about our finances because what he says about the state of the finances of our country could hurt or damage our country. Mr. Turnquest in his arrogance ignored us and continued with his loose talk which led to the outlook for the economy being changed to negative.

He went about saying the country was broke, implied that the PLP had stolen the VAT money, then said himself that the PLP used 42 million dollars earmarked for hurricane relief to buy the last General Election. All of those FNM inspired brickbats were false and untrue. We warned them that it would backfire on him and the FNM. We remind him that a fisherman does not call his own fish foul.

Now that the PLP has said it will repeal the Commercial Enterprises Bill, he suddenly finds that the world is interested in what goes on in The Bahamas. Indeed they are interested and we repeat that if the Bill passes, it will be repealed by the PLP when it comes to office. No less a person than the former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham today intervened in the press to say that no bill should be passed without the agreement of the PLP on so fundamental a matter as immigration.

Remember Mr. Minister of Finance when you dig one grave, dig two. We suggest to you the Biblical admonition: “Physician heal thyself”.