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20 January 2017

Over the past few days, I’ve intently watched news of the fatal airplane crash off Mastic Point, Andros.

It is heart-breaking to learn of such loss of life; so many lives extinguished all at once.

My family and I express our deepest condolences to the families of Mastic Point, Lowe Sound, and others who have survived those who were lost.

Having been raised in a small Family Island community myself, I know how deeply the loss of just one life can impact families and send settlements into shock.

Know that if you put your faith in God and lean on each other, you can make it to a place of healing.

That is what has worked best for my family.

Those of you who have experienced such profound loss must be searching for answers both spiritually and physically.

I pray that in time there can be some semblance of understanding.

As for the crash itself, many Bahamians, particularly those who live in and frequently travel to the Family Islands, are also searching for answers as to what could have caused such a tragedy.

It may be many weeks before investigators release their conclusions about this particular incident, but what has already been said should lead us to approach this latest crash as not just another tragedy.

Those of us who represent the Bahamian people must be resolute in the vigilance of Family Island airports and closely examine the means by which Bahamians and visitors travel so as to assure there is confidence in every aspect of our aviation and transport system.

Therefore, I will wait before making conclusions, but promise to do my best to ensure that whatever lessons there are to be learned from this, and whatever needs to be implemented as a result is done as swiftly as possible.

If reforms are due, or overdue, we as legislators must act.

The safety of human lives is always paramount.

Until then, know that a nation mourns with you and my prayer is that the Lord continues to comfort you in your grief.

All the best,


Exumas and Ragged Island MP

PLP Deputy Leader