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The following statement by the PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts:

2nd May 2016

I am loathe to have to respond to recent remarks attributed by Peter Turnquest, Deputy Leader of the Opposition FNM, regarding maintenance at the Eight Mile Rock High School.

Unlike the FNM who left this school in a state of disrepair and infested, the PLP government has addressed the concerns of infestation and structural maintenance. Further and to the benefit of West Grand Bahamians, the government is in the advance stages of the bid process for a brand new high school. Further, the people of West Grand Bahama would be happy to know that they will also be the recipients of a new sporting facility to support youth development in those historic communities.

Unlike the FNM, the PLP government shows how it cares about the welfare and quality of life of the Bahamian people it serves through its actions.

Having failed the people of West Grand Bahama just as it did the good people of East Grand Bahama, Freeport, Mayaguana and Acklins, Turnquest should keep his hypocritical comments to himself.

What Mr. Turnquest and the FNM should be doing is explaining to the Bahamian people how the newly constructed  CA Smith building and Garrett Levarity Center have incurred multiple health hazards where staff are forced to sit out due to mold and mildew. These unsafe working conditions existed under the watch of the FNM who could not see their way to solve these problems because the FNM simply did not care enough to. It was left to the PLP to correct these unacceptable working conditions and structural deficiencies.

Further, Mr. Turnquest must explain why the roof of a fairly new multi-million dollar building constructed un the FNM’s watch is being renovated. This is clearly a case of the use of substandard building materials coupled with shoddy workmanship; a waste of public funds due to slackness, a lack of accountability and carelessness on the part of the FNM.

Peter Turnquest should learn a lesson from his past chairman, who was busy throwing stones only to discover at the end of the day it was in fact his house was made of the cheapest type of glass.