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So the report is that Hubert Minnis is sitting in his barber chair getting a haircut and musing to the crowd how he pulled a fast one on Brave.  By Brave, he meant the Leader of the Opposition.  He said that he had started up all the political activity to force Mr. Davis to name all his candidates and spend all the PLP’s money, but he had no intention of calling an election until next year.  He thought it was a big joke.  But you know Dr. Minnis must think we are asses.  He himself has named all his candidates with the exception of seven. That is the about the name number that he has not named.  There are actually five already chosen but not announced and the only ones outstanding we understand are the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister and those are a foregone conclusion as to who they will be.  So who in the PLP is he fooling exactly?  He is running up and down the country like a chicken without a head, opening this, closing that, cutting this ribbon and kissing babies. For example on this very weekend, he was supposed to open the new hospital wing in the Rand in Freeport but it was cancelled because they were not ready.  Problem is the FNM Government has not paid the contractors so the damn thing can’t finish.  But he went to Freeport anyway for the night and then returned to Nassau to do a walkabout in St Anne’s.  So what the hell is that but campaigning and we are sure it ain’t for election next year.