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Any visitor in The Bahamas knows that if you go to a family island in The Bahamas, you had better plot your trip for lunch a dinner and breakfast out like you are wading into the Amazon Jungle in South America.  The question always is where can you get a meal that is inexpensive and sit down in comfortable surroundings: a predictable meal.  It is especially vexing in Exuma where you would think with all the tourists they get every day, they would have solved the problem,  However, Kemit’s at the airport is the only place that fits that bill and later at the Fish Fry.  If you do not reserve the meals and mealtimes, you will starve. This is the story throughout the islands. Let’s go back to Nassau though.  You would think that this is not a problem but last week: Wild Thyme was closed; Matisse was closed; the Rosewood Restaurant was closed, Dunes was closed. All because it’s the slow season in tourism. But our point is in a world of 9 billion people, why should there be a slow period. Oh well. Back to the jungle.